Have a look at their website: www.rmgroup.com


RMG is a B2B brand that delivers non tangible products and therefore relies heavily on the power of the brand and it’s touchpoints as a channel to convey its values. The website is thus a key tool in the communication strategy for RMG and has to be a reflection of the brand culture and values.

Key RMG values: “Commitment, detail orientation, tailor-made, quality, flexibility, objectivity, innovation and involvement. “


We opted to be very simple and sober following Dieter Rams’s mantra “As little design as possible”. The focus on what is essential and a simple and direct to the point display of information will reinforce the message that RMG is high quality and objective.

RMG’s field of expertise is by its very nature very complex and dense, and this is one of the main reasons why clients require their services in the first place. To counterbalance these perceptions RMG’s visual communication have to be clear and effective avoiding most of the clutter that can so easily overwhelm.

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