I am a senior UX designer based in Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Helsinki, Zürich.

I have spent the last 18 years working in digital design, branding and art direction with a background on code development, and specialized in user experience (UX) and visual communication.

My first paid project was a webshop I created for a friend in exchange for a playStation 2001.

I hold a masters in Design and Visual Culture in Lisbon and started my career working for a web design agency and later for the biggest TV chain in Portugal doing Motion Design.

Since coming to Switzerland 11 years ago I have worked in one of the reference Brand design agencies in Lausanne, started a monthly conference for Designers in Geneva, built my own design studio called Kinobrand, launched a startup called Luma7 developing a solution for the Parliament of Wallis and worked for a German multinational as a UX manager for the last 3 years in projects in Europe, USA and Mexico.

I’m currently working in Zurich helping brands and businesses push their design and creative boundaries at the intersection of technology with an expert eye for craft and execution.

My Unique perspective:

True innovation comes from being able understand different domains, and overlap them in to a new solution.

My experience is based on 3 areas:

1- Design & UX

My Core expertise is on Design and User Experience. This helps me build visual striking experiences that work.

2 – Coding

Before going to design school, I was studying to be a software developer. I Still code html, css, JS, PHP and MySql. This helps me know how APPs need to be built

3 – Entrepreneurship

Co-Founding a startup is the single most valuable experience I ever had. It made me learn how to manage and balance all business areas and build a product from scratch to delivery.


Master of arts in Design and Visual Culture

UX certified by the Norman Nielsen Group

The only immutable rule about UX is: “It depends”

Each situation is unique and should be tested for effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.

Vision starts with leadership & empathy.

“Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.”

— Brenda Laurel, PhD, Independent Scholar

To understand the problem, you first have to listen to the user…


-Concept Development
-User Experience / User Interface
-UX Research
-Brand Development &
Corporate Identity
-Graphic Design
-Motion Design
-Web/Interactive Design
-Art Direction
-Pitching and Project Presentation
-Team Management
-Event Management / Organization
-HTML, CSS, PHP, Mysql and Database architecture


Winner of the 2013/2014 IMD Startup Competition

International Create Challenge – Idiap Research Institute

Kickstarter project – Nixin Typeface (175% funded)

– Concept Development