How many times did you try to make something perfect?

In western culture Perfection (concept imported from the ancient Greeks) is always highly desirable and is perceived as the ultimate level to achieve. On the other hand in Japanese culture the concept of wabi-sabi embraces ideas like imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness.

In nature symmetry is only approximate, and imperfection is nature’s hint to good design, nothing perfect is perfect. A perfectly finished object will either have missed focus to privilege perfection, or will be delivered too late (and still won’t be perfect). You can spend all your time looking for the perfect shape, or you can look for the right answer. Perfection is an intangible abstract concept, the right answer is not.

It’s all about relativity. Theres neither good or bad, perfect of imperfect without something else to be compared to. The search shall not be for perfection, but for making something better than everyone else.

Bertelli bikes, the perfect example.

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