With the introduction of tablets and better mobile devices, as well as a good network, newspapers and magazines are destined to be a rare sight, and just for the aficionados, much like the vinyl.

This shift will change faster than expected essentially because it’s a win-win-win situation.

Publishers win
– selling more magazines as distribution is easier
– selling more magazines as content is more targeted, and more interesting to the readers
– flexibility in changing content as news develop in real-time
– a speed up in production / as there’s no delay after the product finished with distribution the time of production can be reduced saving resources
– better content / design – all the amount saved on distribution and print can now be spent with writers, journalists and designers

Announcers win
– announcers will get more targeted pub, selling more products and being more effective /you can sell gardening products to the Joe who read an entire article on trees, but not on pollution on an environmental mag.
– statistics / with digital mags and newspapers, announcers will have access to important data that will help decide how to spend their money on advertising, like it happens with web banners nowadays.
– interactivity / real state in a page will not be so much an issue as an ad might have multiple layers with video, structured information, access to maps, etc..

Readers win:
– easy access to the magazines as they can be downloaded automatically, and subscriptions can be just one click away
– targeted content / real information and even ads are more compelling to a reader who will be more interested to buy more this way.
– multimedia content
– community integration / forums, comments and recommendations connected with the content

So what do you think are the reasons for the traditional paper media to stick around?

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