Luma7  is a place where you can Build Mindmaps Automatically and find new idea connections to kick-start your creative process
It started because it’s very hard to have ideas “on-demand”, and because we are always primed by the ideas and knowledge that we already have, every time we try to be creative.

This is a very special project as I’m working on all vectors of development: Brand, business and programming to make it happen.


The name “Luma” comes from the french Lumière, or Lumen, which means light..
Luminous > Light > bright ideas.. Got it? <br> It’s also 7 because Seven is an awesome number!


The logo is the result of a very simple concept: the L+7 form a “box”. The circle is the opposite of that shape, and it’s also a visual cue for the way the interface is designed with “bubbles” of though.


Mindmaps are a classic for generating concepts and discovering new ideas. They’re fantastic for making you think laterally and get out of your “box”

The problem with traditional mindmaps is you can only put down ideas that are already in your head. Luma7 changes all that!


On the interface you can see several concepts interconnected, and the options to expand or delete them.